Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Picture Frame: DIY for under $5

I'm moving into a new house in about a month so I'm trying to make all of my home decor pieces myself. One thing that I love to make is picture frames!!

Materials Needed To Make This Vintage Picture Frame:
1. Modge Podge (One medium container is about $6 but you can use it for tons of projects! I buy mine at Michael's and always use a 50% off coupon to get it for only $3!)
2. Sponge Paint Brush (.14-.20 cents at your local craft store.)
3. Wooden Picture Frame: $1 at Michaels
4. 1 piece of scrapbook paper: average price is .50 cents.

First place your wooden frame on top of your scrapbook paper. Make sure your paper is face down. Use scissors or a razor blade to cut the paper so you can see through the center of the frame. (Where your picture will be.) Be sure to leave a small lip so you can cover the inner edge of the frame once it is folded.

Second, remove the frame from on top of the paper and brush the frame with a thick coat of modge podge.

Next, place the frame back on the paper (make sure the paper design is face down) and wrap the frame like you would a gift/present. (Depending on the size of your paper, you may need to trim the edges so it isn't too long etc.) Make sure you smooth out any bubbles.

Once you have all of the edges and the back fully covered, brush a coat of modge podge over the paper covered frame. If your frame has round edges like mine, be sure to use extra modge podge in that area to help fold back the corners.

Don't worry if you rip your paper or miss a spot! You can patch any spots by simply cutting a patch piece in the same design and using modge podge to keep it in place.

** I will try to upload step by step photos soon. 

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