Thursday, December 29, 2011

Personalized Picture Frames!

These personalized frames are super cute and easy to make! 

What you'll need:
1. Wooden frames
2. Paint
3. Stickers to create your design
4. Sponge brushes

To make the "Love" frame you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Place your sticker design directly on your unpainted frame.

Step 2: Once your stickers are secured, begin to paint your frame. Be sure to use light pressure when painting over your stickers. I also made sure to paint away from the edge of the stickers to help avoid any paint from seeping under them.

* Don't forget to paint the wooden stand or stick that comes with the frame!

Step 3: Once all the sides of the frame are completely dry, use a razor blade to slowing peal up each sticker.

That's it! Now you have a decorative/personalized frame!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Wonderland Wine Bottles

I transformed these old wine bottles into a "Winter Wonderland"centerpiece for my dining room! 

What you'll need: 
1. 2-3 empty wine bottles
2. Primer spray paint 
3. Adhesive spray 
4. Epsom salt 
5. Tray or charger to put the finished bottles on. 
6. Decorative picks. 

Step 1: Spray the empty wine bottles with a thin coat of primer. Once the bottles have dried, repeat Step 1 until the bottles are completely covered with primer. 

Step 2: Once the bottles are dry, spray them with a clear adhesive spray. You can find this at any craft store.

Step 3: Immediately roll eat bottle in Epsom Salt. **Make sure to place the Epsom Salt on wax paper for easy clean up.

Let your bottles dry for 10-15 minutes. Don't worry if you missed a few spots! You can always respray those areas and roll your bottle back in the Epsom Salt. Doing this won't cause any damage to the areas that you previously sprayed/covered with Epsom Salt.

Step 4: Just insert your picks, place the bottles on your tray or charger and you're done!

This is a quick and easy project! 

Decorative Glitter Frames

I made these cute Christmas frames! It was a fun, quick and inexpensive project that helped make the room look more festive. Plus, the glitter won't fall off!

Here's how to make them.

What you'll need:
1. Wooden frames from your local craft store. (About $1 or less each at Michaels.)
2. Sponge brushes
3. Modge Podge
4. Glitter in your favorite color
5. Paint to match the glitter

Step 1: Paint the front, back and sides of the wooden frame.

Step 2: Once your painted frame has dried completely, brush on a thick coat of Modge Podge. Then cover the Modge Podged frame with glitter. Tip: Put your frame on wax paper before pouring on the glitter. This will allow you to save the leftover glitter. 
Step 3: Shake off all the leftover glitter and let set for 2-3 minutes to make sure the Modge Podge dries completely. 

Step 4: Spray the entire frame with a UV- Resistant Clear Acrylic Spray Paint. After you spray the frame, let it dry for 10 minutes. Then repeat Step 4. 

Once, the frame is completely dry you are done! Here is the finished product. 

I also created a green version of these frames using a finer glitter. 

 Instructions on how to make the Love frame can be found here: